Trang Kenh historical relics – the highlighted spiritual tourism resort of the portal city

About 20 km away from Hai Phong downtown on the North-East, Trang Kenh (belong to Thuy Nguyen district), is a historical and cultural rich destination, a landscape which was created by a system of limestone mountains, caves and rivers that has been classified as the national historical, cultural and scenic relics in 1962.
Once upon a time, the site was an importantly strategic located lands in the national defense for protecting the borders and fighting against invaders. According to the geo-historian of Nguyen dynasty editing the Gazetteer of Imperial Vietnam (The book of history and geography of the imperial Vietnam); “Our country fought against the Northern invaders at this site is like to protect the throat”. Nguyen Trai figured out with diagram that it was the vital and essential frontier outpost set by God that supported by the site, two people could fight against hundreds people; the place reputations of great men were created. By the end of 938, Ngo Quyen emperor defeated Southern Han, setting up the glorious victory in the history of fighting against invaders of the nation, to end up 1,000 years of domination of the Northern enemy on Bach Dang territories. Followed up, in Le Hoan defeated Tong invaders on Bach Dang river. After over 300 years, on this sacred land, the heroic marine battle of Tran dynasty’s troops under command of the Great Emperor Tran Quoc Tuan was taken place, knocked out completely Nguyen Mong invaders. Thus Bach Dang river has been become the symbol of legend victory, the proud of the nation.
For only 5 days during the new lunar year of the rooster 2017, the relics had received more than 60,000 visitors to worship and sightseeing. Even, it is congested with visitors but there has been no pushing and disordering; there are no roadside peddlers clinging visitors badly making it untidy. Visitors’ vehicles are free from parking and visitors are provided free drinking water. The service force guarantees attentive service people and visitors to enjoy Spring tours to the relics.
Construction of the spiritual relics, honoring heroes of the nation having great merits in causes of creating and protecting the country, contributing to preserve and conserve cultural heritage. Also it’s added in conditions for the historic and cultural relics Trang Kenh – Bach Dang to become a cultural highlight attracting pilgrims from all over the country and people of the city.