Haiphong cuisine lures tourists

Besides advantages in natural sceneries, Haiphong also attracts tourists thanks to diversified cuisine. From local ingredients, Haiphongers makes a variety of delicious dishes, attractive in colors, flavors, and tastes.

Haiphong is famous for its beautiful landscapes and unique cuisine that nowhere else has. The city gathers both field delicacies, freshwater food, and seafood. Thus, the city's cuisine both keeps its unique attractions and has a creative combination with international cuisine. A great thing about Haiphong is street food. In which, Banh Da Cua, or crab red noodles soup, is often mentioned first when visitors think of it.

A bowl of Banh Da Cua typical for Haiphong gathers appetizing dark color of chewy red noodles, the fresh red color of peppers and tomatoes, the green color of minced pork pie wrapped by the local herb vegetable named la lot, blanched spinach or water dropwort, thinly sliced green onion, bright brown color of fried onions or fatty crab-roe. All make this tasty dish of Haiphong and attract so many visitors near and far.