Thuy Nguyen - The land of historical relics

The land of Thuy Nguyen has existed since ancient times, the former name was Giang Nam Trieu, then Thuy Duong. This is also the place to witness many historical battles of our national independence.


The photo of the pile yards of Bach Dang Giang battlefield (Photo: Collection)

 In particular, it must mention the resounding battles on Bach Dang River - where our ancestors made glorious victories. Historically, the Vietnamese army and people won the battles on Bach Dang River thanks to a unique weapon as wooden piles placed in the river.


Cao Quy pile yard conservation area (Photo: Collection)

Beside the pile yard of Bach Dang Giang battlefield, it is worth mentioning Cao Quy pile yard. Cao Quy pile yard conservation area has an area of more than 30,600m2, located on Cao Quy field in the historical-cultural relic complex of Lien Khe Commune connected to Bach Dang Giang relic site. In that area, there are 18 wooden piles preserved in the lake with pebble embankment and waterproof treatment.


Dam Thuong pile yard (Photo: Collection)

After that, the archaeologists continuously expanded the excavation scale and discovered more pile yards in Dam Thuong area. Located on the banks of Da Bac River, Dam Thuong pile yard is in Lai Xuan Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, and about 10km far from Cao Quy pile yard. Most of the piles found in that area had natural shapes and were planted vertically into the mud on a very wide range, with alternate large and small piles; Some piles still have traces of wooden knots, bent ones, and rough mortise at the bottom.

When standing on the port land, we think about the will of Vietnam. When the invaders come, the women also fight. Because this land has sovereignty for thousands of years, I feel my heart overflowing with pride for the nation, for the fatherland, and for the historical memories of the 3rd great victory of Bach Dang in 1288.