Thien Van Hill – A tranquil place inside the bustling port city

In the eyes of domestic and foreign tourists, Hai Phong city is always an ideal place to go in this hot summer with a variety of outdoor activities at such famous tourist attractions as Do Son beach, Cat Ba island. However, Hai Phong has more than just the sea. In the heart of the city lies a tranquil place to unwind after a long day working, a popular hangout for young people, especially those who enjoy the mountain view. It is Thien Van Hill, located in Kien An district.

The hill is about 10 kilometers from the city center. Starting at Kien An crossroads, tourists proceed straight for more than 100 meters to the Dragon gate, then take the narrow road back to the top of the hill, feeling as if they are entering another world away from the hustle and bustle of a dynamic city. The atmosphere is cool and pleasant, besides which the rustling sound of the pine forest mixed with the chirping birds, the chirping of the cicadas... creates a bustling and appealing symphony.

Up along the hill in the early morning or evening, visitors can easily discover great spots to rest, relax, and appreciate the view, as well as a romantic and amazing check-in location for nature and photography lovers.

The ancient Tay Son Pagoda, located across the hillside, is a popular tourist attraction in this area.

An engaging extra-curricular activity at the foot of the hill aimed at improving children's communication and life skills while also providing opportunities for them to interact with nature away from their electronic devices.

Local people go jogging in the evening

Activities to improve elderly people’s health

Visitors can visit the Hydrometeorological Station of the Northeast Region and the Vietnam Museum of Astronomy at the top of the hill.

People enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in front of the meteorological station

The meteorological station is not only the pride of the locals, but it is also a historical and scientific landmark in Hai Phong. The Northeast hydrometeorological station, which is located at an elevation of 116 meters above sea level, was erected by the Governor General of French Indochina in 1902 and was known at the time as the General Department of Astronomy of Eastern France. n 1957, this place was renamed Phu Lien hydro-meteorological station, Hai Phong city. From 1995 to present, the hydrological station has been known as the Hydrometeorological Station of the Northeast region. With more than 100 years of history, this place still retains the original design according to the French architecture, invested by the French to become a work of the stature of a scientific center, hydrological research station on par with that of other advanced countries in the world at that time.

Near the main meteorological station stands the Astronomy Museum of Vietnam, inside which there are many valuable astronomy memorabilia that should not be ignored by any history enthusiast.

From the top of the hill, visitors can overlook the entire picture of a colorful Kien An district with bright red tile roofs, green rice fields, undulating hills in the distance and high-rise buildings, proving the transformation of the port city.

Kien An district from high above

Until now, just as a local saying goes like “Kien An has Mount Elephant, Van Uc river and Thien Van Hill”, the Hill is among their pride in a land of culture, history and beatiful natural landscape and an ideal respite at weekend for vacationers./.