The beauty of Khinh Dao Communal House

The ancient communal houses are always considered as valuable folk architectural heritages, creating a distinct and unique cultural value for each countryside. Let's go to An Hung Commune, An Duong District and visit a precious heritage of this land - Khinh Dao Communal House.

Khinh Dao Communal House from the above view

The relic site has preserved many architectural features of the 18th century with a quite massive structure of the pillar and rafter system throughout the compartments. The entire pillar system is placed on rocks, and carved patterns with the themes of flowers, dragons, clouds, and water waves...


Each carving piece reflects a close story of the people’s lives and displays the outstanding level of Vietnamese folk sculpture.

The sanctuary worshiping the tutelary god of the village has 3 compartments. Khinh Dao Communal House worships 6 deities of Hung Vuong age and Doctor Hai Quan Cong Pham Dinh Trong, a man expert at both fighting and writing arts.  


In recognition of the merits of Pham Dinh Trong, King Bao Dai conferred a great wooden board with four gild letters “Bao Nga Le Dan” (The god protecting people) placed in the middle of the front compartment.

In addition to Khinh Dao Communal House, there are also the temple and grave of Pham Dinh Trong at this relic site. The temple was renovated and embellished spaciously and impressively, which is one of the spiritual places of the local people.

Khinh Dao Ancient Communal House is not only valuable in terms of folk architecture and sculptures but also is a place to preserve cultural and historical values to connect An Duong people community through many generations in the process of building, protecting, and developing the homeland and the country.


Every year, Khinh Dao Communal House Festival is held to pay tribute to the village’s tutelary god and to convey the wishes and hopes of the local people for a year of favorable rain and wind, as well as healthy and prosperous lives.