Seeking opportunities for Hai Phong’s tourism to make a breakthrough

On April 20, seminar on “Hai Phong Tourism – A golden opportunity for breakthough” was organized by Tien Phong News and Hai Phong Tourism Department in Hai Phong City, under framework of National Golf Champion 2022 – Vinfast Cup to propose measures for sustainable tourism development, productive use of available advantages and take advantages of new opportunities after COVID-19 pandemic.

Director of Tourism Department, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuong Huyen mentioned that Hai Phong converges all 05 types of traffic, owns many well-known tourist attractions such as Cat Ba archipelago with 05 internationally and nationally titles, numerous historic and ancient relics, culture and proper architecture creating unique features for the land and people of Hai Phong. The City Party Congress underlined “developing Hai Phong to become a hub of national tourism, developing infrastructure for tourism with commercial centers, luxurious resorts on international level; building typical items for the city’s tourism aligned with images of islands and cultural and historic relics”.

Besides the achieved results, delegates suggested Hai Phong’s tourism needs to overcome limitations regarding infrastructure, supportive services, amusement services, trade centers, shopping, etc. To make Hai Phong become a tourism center, the city needs to proactively innovate its way of thinking on tourism development and make bold decisions to create a breakthrough in tourism. The city also needs to have more synchronous mechanisms and policies to support business units, boosting up connection with tourism of neighboring provinces and cities in the region, the whole country and worldwide for tourism development./.

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