Restoration of An Bien communal house, Le Chan district: Preserving the unique ancient architecture

An Bien communal house has been relocated to its current position since 1929. The house’s layout was arranged in the shape of a Chinese word工meaning merit in which 03 main parts include5 great halls (main front houses), 3 middle houses connecting great halls with 3 houses in the rear. In front of the communal house, there is a large tiled yard where cultural and religious activities of local people take place.

Deep in a small alley on Hai Ba Trung street (Le Chan district), An Bien communal house –a National historical relic is a work with unique architecture typical of the old village communal house as well as converging the life and culture of Hai Phong people. An Bien communal house is among the places to worship General Le Chan, who founded the ancient An Bien village and has been considered the Tutelary of Hai Phong. An Bien communal house is being gradually repaired and embellished to match the title of National-level architectural and artistic relic conferred by the State in 2009.

In front of the communal housestood a statue of General Le Chan ina majestic posture.

Mr. Le Van Hong, member of the Management Board of An Bien Communal House introduced the unique architectural details - Hai Phong today.

The architecture inside An Bien communal house is being restored and embellished comprehensively.

The workers embellish the architecture of An Bien communal house.

Carefully take care of every detail in the communal house.

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