Randia jelly - The cool gift of childhood

Randia jelly is an extremely familiar summer drink for the 80s and 90s generations of the North. Although life is now more modern and surrounded by countless options, I still love this simple drink.

Green jelly pot is associated with childhood memories of many people

The simple and idyllic water stall in the small alley

In Hai Phong, you can easily find this refreshing drink in markets or any corners of streets or alleys. Personally, I have always been loyal to Ms. Hang's small shop at Lane No.173 Hang Kenh Street where I was born. Hang Kenh Street and my small alley have always been known for their delicious and popular food stalls. When the trend “ Hai Phong food tour" flourished, many tourists came to enjoy the famous crab noodle in the alley, but perhaps many people do not know about the small stall selling traditional drinks for more than 20 years.

When summer comes, her stall sells randia jelly, soy milk, and dracontomelon juice. The drinks are all made on her own, so they are very hygienic and safe.

I still remember the sweltering summer days when I could be the first guest of her randia jelly pot. Under the summer sunshine, the jelly pot is green and sparkling like autumn lake water. We young children eagerly watched her skillfully use a spoon made from a beer can to gently scoop the first piece of jelly out of the pot, breaking that "peaceful lake". Just like that, each slice of green, long, soft jelly slowly drifts into the glass, then add some black jelly blocks, a little bit of traditional coconut tapioca pearls, the fragrant apricot sugar water, a few drops of banana essential oil and finally cool ice cubes as well. Then we kids excitedly enjoyed the jelly of various colors, shapes and flavor with laughter and chatter. The piece of randia jelly is hand-rubbed from dried randia leaves, so it is delicious, soft, and has a light fragrance.

The white pearl is a little chewy with the fatty taste of coconut. Crispy, cool black jelly… All those ingredients have made a cool, simple jelly dish that dispels the heat of the northern summer weather.

A bowl of cool jelly aromatized with the scent of jasmine

Randia Jelly with many various dishes

In the past, the price of randia jelly was only 1-2 thousand VND. Over the time, the price has increased to 10 thousand VND per cup, which is still very cheap for a cool and nutritious drink. If you have the opportunity to come to Hai Phong, don’t forget to enjoy this cool and simple drink.