Memorial House Relic of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh

The Memorial House Relic of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh is located in An Duong District, Hai Phong. The Memorial House is the place where people of the port city and the whole country memorize the leader who sacrificed his life for the revolutionary cause of the nation.


Overall of the Memorial House (Photo: Collected)

Comrade Nguyen Duc Canh was born on February 02nd 1908. He was one of excellent leaders of the (Viet Nam) Communist Party, one outstanding child of the nation. He made positive contributions to establishing the Communist Party, giving birth of General Assembly of Tonkin and Youth Union of Viet Nam Communist Party. He was also the founder and the first Secretary of Hai Phong Indochinese Communist Party Committee and Hong Gai Mine. He was the founder of Labor Newspaper in the year of 1929, too.


The place of worship to Leader Nguyen Duc Canh(Photo: Collected)


Tomb of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh (Photo: Collected)

To remember the great contribution of Comrade Nguyen Duc Canh, the Hai Phong City Party Committee collaborated with his family to search for his remains, and then built the Memorial House of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh.

The Memorial House of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh was inaugurated in the early year of 2019, and has become one spot of spiritual tourism, education on traditional history that has attracted thousands of tourists. In general, the Memorial House was designed as a mixture of traditional and modern styles that expresses ancient and elegant features. The main gate was built in a style of four pillars, on the left and right sides are two rows of houses displaying pictures and memorabilia about the life and career of comrade Nguyen Duc Canh. The main temple consists of two compartments: the forecourt and harem are the places where tourists come to pay their respects to the great merits of the Leader. The statue of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh is worshipped with a solemn relaxing sitting posture holding a book in the right hand, inside the harem.

It can be said that the Memorial House of Leader Nguyen Duc Canh not only performs the responsibility of gratitude and remembrance to the Leader but also attracts many classes of people to visit.