Hang Temple – a sacred ancient temple in Hai Phong

Hai Phong port city has been famous for various interesting and impressive spiritual places, including Hang Temple, a thousand-year sacred ancient temple placing  numerous precious artifacts bearing historical imprints.


Du Hang Temple (normally called Hang Temple)


Hang Temple or Du Hang Temple was ancient temple in Ho Nam ward, Le Chan District, Hai Phong City whichh was supposed to be built in the Le Dynasty (980-1009). In 1986, Hang Temple was recognized as the national historical and cultural relic.

Central courtyard of Du Hang Temple

After thousands of years, the temple has retained its original appearance and ancient features. The temple was constructed following the ancient architecture style in the shape of a Chinese word Dinh 丁. the 7-room Buddha hall is located in the center of the Temple, made of wood with tiled roof, built in gong trusses style with large columns made of lim wood. Inside the center, there arehorizontal paintings, gilded couplets and hammock doors with intricate carvings in the Nguyen Dynasty’s aesthetic and artistic style.  

In front of the Buddha hall and in a distance of large yard for Tam Quan, there is a 5-room bell tower with 3 floors of curved roofs sculptured in shape of dragons and phoenixes; inside of which there is a huge bell made of copper labelled “the Bell of Phuc Lam Tu”; laid on the right-hand side are 5 compartments of Ancestor’s house, general house and horizontal house; on the left-hand side are 5 compartments of backing houses. Besides, the temple has the worshiping room for the Mother Goddess house, staff house, monks residence, etc.  


Front side and inside of the Hall.


Ancient and solemn architecture of Du Hang Temple

Tam quan, the Buddha – the main central architecture of the temple

From the main gate inward, there is a garden of plants and statues of the temple where fruits and flowers are abundant all year round. There are 12 statues surrounding the lake, in which the Buddha Tathagata statue located in the center on a lotus platform under the shadow of Bodhi tree with a majestic appearance as main highlight, the black Maitreya Buddha statue is placed to the opposite of the Buddha Tathagata statue whereas the remaining 10 white stone statues surrounding the lake and the garden symbolize venerable monks with various appearances, attitudes, and poses.


Such a pure and peaceful garden in the temple


Statue Garden - a feature of Du Hang Temple

The Statue of Great Buddha sitting on a lotus pedestal platform under the Bodhi tree.

To the left of Tam quan is the tranquil tower garden consisting of 11 small stone towers, where place the remains of the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen monks, precedent monks and abbots who passed away peacefully at the temple. All created a solemn architecture matching the peaceful nature.

In addition to the architectural values formed and accumulated over years, Hang Temple has preserved a lot of antiques since feudal period such as bells, bronze peaks, ceramic decorations, green stone, excellently carved copper statues, particularly the set of Trang A Ham Sutras, an ancient document on Buddhist teachings with historical and spiritual values to Vietnamese Buddhism.

Ancient bell at Du Hang Temple


Containing priceless values in regards of landscape, architecture, relics, Hang Temple has become a place for local people to frequently visited and express respect, praying for fortune and health to themselves and families; participating in volunteering activities or immersing themselves in such peaceful landscape of the Buddha.



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