Hai Phong-style shrimp vermicelli soup

Shrimp vermicelli soup is a signature dish tourist should not miss when traveling to Hai Phong City. The specialty is the ideal combination between vermicelli and fresh shrimp.

Hai Phong-style shrimp vermicelli soup

Vermicelli used for this soup is special as it is made from the flour of sweet potato, mung beans, dong (Canna Indica), or san day (Pueraria thomsonii Benth). All these ingredients give the vermicelli the softness and chewiness it needs.

The vermicelli must be soaked in warm water for five to 10 minutes in advance. Yet be careful because a long time in water may get rid of the sweetness and chewy texture.

Fresh shrimp is another ingredient of importance. The fresh shrimp helps enhance the vermicelli soup’s sweetness. Aside from fresh shrimp, tomatoes are used to cook the broth, rendering it a little bit sour. Shrimp heads may be added to the broth.

To create a variety of flavors in the dish, mushrooms and fish paste can also be used.

Finally, a bowl of Hai Phong-style shrimp vermicelli soup will be topped with minced herbs, some drops of lemon juice, and sliced chilies./.