Beef noodles mixed with vinegar- a familiar but strange dish

Beef noodles mixed with vinegar is a dish that is "varied" from the mixed beef noodle soup of the Southern people to match the Port city’s people’s taste.

To prepare the dish, you should choose small noodle fibers to better absorb mixed spice; use tenderloin beef for its certain tenderness. After being washed, the beef is sliced thinly, and marinated with a tablespoon of delicious fish sauce, oyster sauce, a little minced ginger and garlic; mix all the ingredients, and leave for about 30 minutes to infuse spice. When stir-frying beef, you should let the pan and oil be hot and stir with high heat to prevent beef from being tough. Thinly sliced beef will be cooked very quickly, so just stir for 2 minutes then take it out immediately to make the meat softer and sweeter. Accompanying ingredients include chopped vegetables; carrots washed and grated, blanched with bean sprouts; roasted, peeled, and lightly pounded peanuts; thinly sliced and sautéed onions. An important ingredient of this dish is mixed fish sauce of delicious fish sauce with cool water, a little sugar, lemon, garlic, chili depending on taste.

To complete the dish, place noodles in a bowl; then put bean sprouts and carrots blanched in boiling water in the bowl; add roasted peanuts, dried onions, chopped vegetables, and sautéed beef on top. When serving the dish, add fish sauce, mix well to have a delicious bowl of mixed beef noodles. This is an attractive dish with the white color of noodles, the orange color of carrots, the green color of vegetables, the yellow color of fried onions and nutritious beef. In Hai Phong City, stalls in Hai Ba Trung street (Le Chan District) sell the most famous and delicious dishes for 30,000 VND/bowl. The restaurants serve the dish all day, so it is very convenient for diners to come and enjoy this familiar but strange dish.

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