Bach Dang Trang Kenh Relic Complex

Located at Bach Dang River gateway at the Thai River and Da Bac River intersection (Minh Duc town of Thuy Nguyen Rural District), Trang Kenh Relic Complex, recognized as the national relic in 1962, has been among the well-known tourist and cultural spots in Hai Phong City.

In the past, Trang Kenh was a strategic area in Vietnam’s borders defense. At the end of 938, Ngo Vuong Quyen made the final victory against Nam Han invading force in Vietnam’s history. In 981, Le Hoan defeated Tong enemy at Bach Dang River, where the heroic victory of Tran Dynasty’s military force agaisnt Mongol invaders took place 300 years later, making this land a great pride of our nation.

As time goes by, Trang Kenh Relic Complex is now fanous for its immense religious art and architecture work, covering an area of about 20 ha. From 2008 to 2016, architect works built includes Victory Pole and Stone Park, Bach Dang River Temple, Trang Kenh Vong Temple, Tranh Kenh Spiritual Temple, Trang Kenh Truc Lam Temple, Holy Mother Temple, Ho Chi Minh President Temple, Musuem area, Victory Palace square. Besides, there are Temple area and tomb of General Tran Quoc Bao, Temple of Princess Le, Princess Nu; Temple of Tay Giang Marquis, Dong Giang Marquis, and heroes who had made contribution to the glorious Bach Dang victory.

Trang Kenh is situated between Gia and Bach Dang Rivers, connecting Dong Trieu – Yen Tu (Quang Ninh) and Thuy Nguyen Rural District (Hai Phong), thus possessing diverse terrains with famous archaeological remains, and vivid folklore culture. With its outstanding sceneries, Trang Kenh has been considered as Ha Long Bay on land, well known for amazing caves, particularly King’s Cave of of 15-18 meters high and 5-10 meters long; sharp cave ceiling, many nooks and crannies, all year round water streams.

The relic’s aesthetic foundation, geology, biodiversity, combined with local enthusiasm and talent of the Port City’s people, as well as the historic and cultural values makes the significant contribution to inspire nation’s pride and patriotism, partly explained the reason why Trang Kenh Relic Complex has become one of the famous tourist attraction./.

Đỗ Thị Phương Hoa

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