Trang Due Industrial Park - attractive destination of investors

Trang Due Industrial Park was officially put into operation in 2007 by Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation (SHP) as an infrastructure developer. After nearly 15 years of establishment and development, Trang Due Industrial Park currently has become one of the largest and most developed industrial parks in Hai Phong city.

Trang Due Industrial Park phase I (187ha) was initiated in 2007 with modern and synchronous infrastructure system to meet the needs of domestic and foreign investors. 2013 marked the turning point of Trang Due Industrial Park when LGE Group decided to invest in the industrial park to implement a project of manufacturing and assembling high-tech electrical and electronic products with a total registered investment capital of 1.5 billion US dollars. At the same time, Trang Due Industrial Park was officially approved by the Prime Minister to become a part of Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone, accordingly, enterprises investing in Trang Due Industrial Park are enjoyed incentive policies, exclusively for enterprises in economic zones. Just over a year later, following LGE project, a series of satellite projects of LG Group invested in Trang Due Industrial Park with a total registered investment capital of more than 700 million USD, according to that phase I of the industrial park (187ha) was quickly fulfilled 100%.

In 2014, SHP Corporation was granted an investment certificate for phase II of Trang Due Industrial Park project with a scale of 214ha. In 2016, with the support from parent company - Kinh Bac City Development Share Holding Corporation and the efforts of all employees of the company, SHP Corporation succeeded in negotiating and attracting two big projects of LG Group: LG Display project specializing in manufacturing high-tech OLED screens with an investment of 1.5 billion USD(now has increased to 3.25 billion USD) and camera module production project for mobiphone of LG Innotek which has an investment of 1.05 billion USD. From the pervasive influence of LG Group as well as the reputation of the infrastructure developer – SHP Corporation, the industrial park project phase II of Trang Due Industrial Park was quickly fulfilled 100% within 5 years with other large and small, domestic and foreign projects, especially projects from Korea in the field of electronics, components, and precision mechanics.

For large investors, deciding the location of investment depends on various factors and needs to tremendously undergo a thorough survey, research and evaluation process. To attract these “huge” projects, it is necessary to closely coordinate between infrastructure developer and related competent authorities. With long-standing reputation in the market of parent company - Kinh Bac Corporation - the leading industrial park developer in Vietnam, along with the support of local agencies, Trang Due Industrial Park has attracted a series of huge projects with high technology content, eco-friendly.

Up to now, the existing IP (401ha) has been completely fulfilled with 100% commercial land, 78 projects with a total investment capital of up to 7.1 billion USD. Construction unit cost in Trang Due Industrial Park is about US$23 million/ha - the highest construction unit cost among industrial parks in Hai Phong City, contributing to Hai Phong city to become the leading locality in the country in terms of FDI attractiveness in recent years. In addition, the remarkable point is the high level of satisfaction of investors with services provided by the IP when investing here.

Following the success of the implemented phases, Trang Due Industrial Park extension phase project(687ha) developed by Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Corporation (SHP) is being urgently initiated legal procedures to officially provide business premises in 2022. The industrial park is oriented to attract domestic and foreign investment projects in the fields of high technology, supporting industries, industries manufacturing eco-friendly products.

The goal set by Hai Phong city, as well as the Government's requirement when deciding to establish Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone, is to maximize the advantages of natural conditions and geographical location to become an investment attraction, receive domestic and foreign advanced techniques and technologies, positively affect to the process of building and developing infrastructure, create an industrial-urban-service zone, is an important basis to accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization of Hai Phong city in the spirit of Resolution 45 of the Politburo. Accordingly, enterprises investing in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone enjoy incentives compared to investing in other industrial parks such as incentives for CIT, import and export tax, VAT, etc.

In addition to the preferential tax policy for economic zones, an attractive point that attracts investors to Trang Due Industrial Park is the synchronous and modern infrastructure system, meeting the strict requirements of investors. The main internal road system is 32m wide (for 04 lanes) and byroad (23m) in the industrial park is planned to meet international standards, built with a large tonnage to ensure traffic connecting the industrial park with the infrastructure system outside the industrial park. Power system and 110/22KV substation with capacity of 2 (+1) x 63MVA ensure adequate and stable power supply for the entire industrial park. Clean water is provided from Trang Due and Vat Cach water plants with a total capacity of 25,000m3/day and a wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 8,000m3/day to ensure stable water supply and drainage for all enterprises in the industrial park. Besides, the landscape in the industrial park is always taken care of, regularly maintained to create a fresh and green, clean and beautiful environment. The security system in the Industrial Park is also paid great attention to provide a safe production environment for enterprises operating in the IP.

In addition to the above-mentioned favorable factors, Trang Due Industrial Park itself also has very attractive advantages for investors. Regarding the location which is not far from the seaport (about 15km), the sea transportation from Trang Due Industrial Park is still very convenient but not affected by factors such as soft ground, salty humid climate as other industrial parks near the sea. The fact that Trang Due Industrial Park is directly connected to National Highway 10 is not only convenient for goods circulation but also convenient in attracting labor resources from neighboring provinces.

Positioned as a leading industrial park in attracting large projects, Trang Due Industrial Park always strives to maintain the reputation among investors in supporting services, ensuring sustainable development and constantly opening of projects in the industrial park. In order to welcome “the eagle”, Trang Due Industrial Park not only prepares the best locations with the best conditions, but also diversifies products to meet the needs of large investors as well as their satellites, suppliers and supporters to create a complete ecosystem in the IP and help large and small enterprises in mutual and sustainable development.

With outstanding advantages in infrastructure, tax incentives, geographical location, along with the companionship and close attention of competent authorities of Haiphong City as well as the leaders and employees of SHP Corporation, Trang Due Industrial Park extension phase will be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors in future.

Location of Trang Due Industrial Park:

Master plan of Trang Due IP: 1088ha.

Planning of Trang Due IP – extension phase (687ha) – expected to be started business in 2022

Some pictures of Trang Due Industrial Park and some typical enterprises in the Industrial Park