Strengthening disease prevention at Industrial parks and Economic zones

Implementing the disease prevention and control, Haiphong Economic Zone Authority has stepped up inspection and supervision, requested enterprises trading infrastructure and those operating in industrial parks and economic zones in the city area to take disease prevention measures, ensuring good health for cadres and workers.

LG Display Vietnam Haiphong Co.,Ltd located in Trang Due industrial park, An Duong district, now has around 17,000 laborers, more than 400 of whom are foreigners and the remainders are Vietnamese. The company formulated the habit of wearing facial masks for cadres and workers during the working process, at the same time strictly implementing the disease prevention measures as body temperature and hand sanitation. Foreign experts entering Vietnam have to follow the quarantine regulations.

Mr. Jeon Jae Pil – Environment Safety Director, LG Display Vietnam Haiphong Co.,Ltd: In the context of complicated Covid-19 prevention, Haiphong Economic Zone Authority has beefed up inspection, reviewed and requested enterprises in the industrial parks and economic zones to highly raise the responsibility, beef up dissemination to help the laborers raise awareness, implement the message of 5K of the Ministry of health. The management board also asked enterprises to be active, prepare measures and standby scripts, strengthen inspection, regularly update information of foreigners entering Vietnam to well implement regulations on the quarantine and medical management, at the same time providing the hotline for enterprises to contact in case of disease detection./.

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