Rao Bridge before technical traffic opening day

Investment and construction Project of Rao Bridge 1 crossing Lach Tray River, with a total investment capital of over 2,200 billion dong, has been under construction since December 2020. The project has been constructed in the area of 04 districts including Ngo Quyen, Le Chan, Duong Kinh, and Hai An, connecting downtown area with Do Son tourism area, and linking with Ha Noi – Hai Phong Expressway. The Project has been highlight of Hai Phong urban traffic system.

After 15 months under construction, on January 25, 2022 afternoon, Rao Bridge, one of the key projects and a highlight of Hai Phong urban traffic system, was officially technical opened on schedule. One day before the event (on January 24 afternoon), on the work of Rao Bridge Project, a hustle and bustle atmosphere was spread to each unit to finish final tasks, with a great effort and determination to complete the project on time.

Rao Bridge before the technical traffic opening day.

Flamboyant flowerss on the top of the bridge.

Workers finishing the final tasks.

Flamboyant flowers welded overnight to meet the schedule .

Flamboyant Flowers - highlights of the work.

Rao Bridge to be one of the City’s beautiful works for those artistic flamboyant flowers.

Fire flower (a metaphor) while welding flamboyant flowerson the bridge.

Workers at Rao Bridge Construction Project.

Rao Bridge highlighted with 03 flamboyant flowers, Hai Phong City’s signature, on the roof of the bridge, which weighs over 20 tons. (In the photos: workers and contractors closely check the flamboyant flowers before the technical traffic opening ceremony).

Rao Bridge from above.

Final tasks rushed to be accomplished

Workers were in a hurry to finish the final tasks for the technical traffic opening.

The pavement connecting Ngo Gia Tu street of Hai An District on January 24 afternoon.

Workers on Rao Bridge Construction Work on January 24, 2022 afternoon.

Workers spread asphalt on lines system to meet schedule of technical traffic opening.

Rao Bridge before the technical traffic opening.

The bridge railing system was decorated with blooming bougainvillea to beautify the landscape and to "soften" steel and concrete blocks on the Rao Bridge.

Worker adjusted median strip on the bridge side toward Lach Tray before the technical traffic opening day.

Workers adjusted and accomplished the bridge’s railing system.

Each detail to be in care, to make sure the technical traffic opening day occurred as scheduled. (in the photo: Worker pumped waterproof glue to the railing system).

Power and lightening system was quickly finalized to meet the schedule (in the photo: worker checked power and lightening system of the Rao Bridge).

Rao Bridge stands out with 3 waved-shaped steel arches, the main steel span weighing over 1000 tons is a highlight at the the City’s Southern gateway.

Workers gathered materials and flowers for decorating Rao bridge.

Marking system to separate traffic lanes was expeditiously completed. (in the photo: Workers painted the marking line connecting lines of Lach Tray, Bui Vien, Thien Loi).

Intersection under the bridge was urgently completed.

Worker completed signal system on the Rao Bridge corridor.

Workers painted corridor system of the Rao Bridge.

Final tasks of Rao Bridge construction project were urgently completed.

Rao Bridge’s railing system was decorated with unique flamboyant flowers (in the photo: workers worked on pavement line toward Duong Kinh district).

The intersection decorated with the bougainvillea creates beautiful landscape for the trillion-dong bridge.

The important traffic knot Rao Bridge connects the City downtown with urban trunk route from Le Chan district to Duong Kinh district and Do Son Tourism area, which creates a modern expanding urban space expanding the City’s Southern area.

Workers used crane to check and paint details on the main arch before the technical opening time.

Rao Bridge to be one of the attractive points to tourists and the city’s inhabitants with its unique shape, lightening system and beautiful landscape.

Passengers drove to see Rao Bridge before technical traffic opening.

Forklift trucks were used to check Rao Bridgebefore the technical traffic opening ceremony.


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