Project on constructing the route from Nam Cau Binh intersection to Ton Duc Thang - Mang Nuoc intersection: Striving to complete ahead of schedule.

Ton Duc Thang – Mang Nuoc intersection will be upgraded to an interchange under the direction of the Prime Minister.

Up to now, the investment project on constructing the route from Nam Cau Binh intersection to Ton Duc Thang - Mang Nuoc has completed the most important part which is the main route. The sidewalks, green trees and lighting, etc… have been in the process. According to Hai Phong Management Board of Traffic Construction Investment Project, the project’s contract was planned to complete at the end of November 2021, however, contractors have been making efforts to finish the project ahead of schedule...

Extension of connection

Since the start of Nam Cau Binh intersection’s construction in 2018, the city planned to build the overpass crossing Re River which connected Hong Bang district to An Dong commune (An Duong district). And from there, a route connecting directly to Ton Duc Thang street on National Highway 5 Axis in the inner city of Hai Phong would be built to improve the efficiency of Nam Cau Binh intersection. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Hai Phong Liberation Day, equipment and human resources for the implementation of the project on building a route from Nam Cau Binh intersection to Ton Duc Thang - Mang Nuoc intersection were arranged… The project’s progress was adjusted by the City People’s Committee to complete before November 30, 2021.

Mr. Hoang Trieu Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport said that although being just over 1.1 km long, this is an important route in the route traffic system of Hai Phong which creates convenience for the people. From the Nam Cau Binh intersection, there will be a new route cutting through the Route 208 to form a crossroad which opens a new traffic direction on the Route 208 instead of the only direction to National Highway 5. Besides that, the route will be connected directly to Ton Duc Thang – Mang Nuoc crossroad in the National Highway 5 Axis which helps to turn it into the new intersection of the city. Opposite to the new route is Mang Nuoc Street, which is being upgraded by An Duong district. The route connecting Mang Nuoc – the new route - Nam Cau Binh intersection – Bac Song Cam Area is extremely convenient. According to Mr. Hoang Trieu Hung, the creation of the route is an opportunity for Hai Phong to complete the urban transport network along the North - South axis, which connects the ring route no.2 with the city center across Thuong Ly and Lac Long bridges. At the same time, it will help to reduce the traffic load on other routes in the area which will create favorable conditions for traffic connection in the inner city with the National Highways 5 and 10 and contribute to the city's socio-economic development.

The connection of the new route will also reduce the amount of traffic to the intersection of Martyrs Temple in Hong Bang District. This is a detour with a very high density of container trucks, frequent traffic jams and unsafety. The new route will be 1 km shorter than before and there will only be one large intersection at the Route 208, that will bring convenience and safety to the route users. According to Hai Phong Management Board of Traffic Construction Investment Project, at present, the route has basically completed the road part, however, the project is still in the process of checking technical conditions, so it has not been opened to public traffic.

The Prime Minister agreed to allow Hai Phong City People's Committee to construct an interchange on the National Highway 5 at Km 94+945, which is Ton Duc Thang - Mang Nuoc intersection, using the city's budget. Previously, the City People's Committee proposed to the Government to allow the construction of an interchange with a total investment of more than 600 billion VND, because in the future, if being connected to the ring route No. 2, this intersection will face the risk of increasing traffic jams and accidents.

Strive to complete ahead the schedule from 30-45 days

The investment project to construct a route connecting Nam Cau Binh intersection to Ton Duc Thang - Mang Nuoc intersection was approved by the City People's Committee with 1.17 km long route (including the intersection) to meet the standard “the road is primary and urban is secondary”. The routebed is 50.5m wide, in which the route surface is 32.5m wide, the pavement is 15m wide, the median strip is 3m wide and the highest speed reaches 60 km/h. The route is also built with a drainage system for rainwater, wastewater, technical trenches, sidewalks, lighting, trees and traffic safety. The project has a total investment of VND770 billion from the city budget. The project will help to gradually perfect the inter-regional transport system, contributing to the implementation of the Politburo's Resolution No. 45 on the development of Hai Phong city by 2030, vision to 2045.

The whole route is only 1.17 km long, but the construction process encountered many difficulties, especially the site clearance, so the construction progress had to be extended by the City People's Committee. However, the ground for route construction was completed early, which helped the route construction be completed on the occasion of September 2, 2021. According to the Hai Phong Management Board of Traffic Construction Investment Project, up to now, the contractor has completed the drainage system D1000, D800, D400, D300, box culverts, technical trenches, returned the 110kV power line at Km8+850 and Km0+500, finished applying 2 layers of asphalt concrete on the route. The completed volume corresponds to 93.97% of the contract value, so there is only a small part left to complete the whole project. The construction is expected to be completed 30-45 days ahead of schedule if the ground clearance of the last 3 households in the intersection area is completed on time by An Duong district. In addition, the inspection and acceptance of the investor have been facing difficulties because the majority of experts and management agencies are located in Hanoi where is implementing social distance due to the complicated COVID-19 epidemic situation.

Up to now, the new route connecting Nam Cau Binh intersection to Ton Duc Thang - Mang Nuoc intersection has basically been completed and in fact, many people and vehicles have been using the route. To ensure the traffic safety on the route, the Department of Transport has been implementing the appraisal and examination of the temporary options of traffic safety until the announcement of traffic clearance and official operation and use./.

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