Hai Phong has created a transparent environment to attract investment into industrial parks

In 2022, Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA) will actively promote and selectively attract investment, aiming at calling for 2.5-3 billion USD from foreign sector.

Minh Thu (VNA/Vietnam+)

Hai Phong tao moi truong minh bach, thu hut dau tu vao khu cong nghiep hinh anh 1

Lach Huyen International Port in Hai Phong is the first deep-sea port in the northern key economic region. (Photo: Duc Nghia/VNA)

Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority Le Trung Kien said that in 2022, HEZA would direct subo-units to simplify and clear investment procedures for industrial parks under Economic Zone Authority to continuously become an attractive investment destination of whole country.

Each unit must actively study on reforming the process of receiving and handling administrative procedures of enterprises, prioritizing once-only file of documents required by laws at one unit, which would be shared to other relevant units to solve the procedures

HEZA would also maintain effective channels of feedbacks and recommendations from businesses such as hot lines, emails, monthly, quarterly and unscheduled dialogue conferences monthly, quarterly or unscheduled dialogue conferences to deal with enterprises’ difficulties.

He also held that HEZA would proactively promote and selectively attract investment according to 4 main criteria of quality, efficiency, sustainable development, commitment to transferring high technology and skilled workers, in three economic pillars identified in Resolution of the City’s 16th Party Congress including high-tech industry, seaport-logistics, and tourism-trade, focusing on projects of large capital and high-tech with leading role and contribution to the City

It was also among HEZA’s 2022 goals to attract 2.5 – 3 billion USD foreign investment and the Authority had actively collaborate with relevant units to kick off the Project of Lach Huyen non-tariff – logistics and industrial zone.

As for other tasks, in 2022, HEZA would take charge of submitting adjustment dossiers of Dinh Vu – Cat Hai economic zone according to the Prime Minister’s direction.

Besides, the Authority would study and submit 1/2000 scale detailed planning dossiers of Trang Due 3 industrial park (An Duong District), Lach Huyen non-tariff-logistics and industrial park (Cat Hai District), Tien Thanh industrial park (Tien Lang District), Giang Bien industrial park (Vinh Bao District) to the City People's Committee, Hai Phong City Party Committee for approving 1/2000 scale detailed planning for approval; coordinating with investors to establish 1/500 scale detailed plans for other urban areas, logistics areas and implemented procedures for the construction projects of worker housing of some companies such as: LG Display Vietnam Hai Phong Limited Company, Regina Miracle International Vietnam Limited Company; accelerating key projects including the construction of industrial parks.


In 2021, Hai Phong was a bright spot for foreign direct investment with 29 new projects, 52 adjusted-capital projects, 2 purchases of state shares by foreign investors with the total capital attracted of over 5,149 million USD, an increase of nearly 3.4 times over the same period of last year, reaching 206% as compared to plan.

By December 30, 2021, the city’s economic zones and industrial parks had attracted an accumulation of 420 foreign direct investment projects with a total investment capital of nearly 19,135 million USD.

The relative figures for 2021 domestic direct investment (DDIwere 20 new projects, 04 adjusted-capital projects with a total capital of 135,547 billion VND, 75 times as that of the same period of last year. By December 30, 2021, there was an accumulation of 186 domestic investment projects with a total investment capital of 281,327 billion VND attracted.

The current total number of employees in the city’s economic zones and industrial parks is 186,495 people, increasing by 24.7% over the same period of last year, 182,009 of which are Vietnamese and the remaining 4,486 were foreigners With the average income of 11.5 million VND/person/month.

Minh Thu (VNA/Vietnam+)
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