Groundbreaking Ceremony of Social Housing Project in Hai Phong

On March 7th morning, the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Social Housing Project was held by the Hai Phong People’s Committee at the General Warehouse No.3 Lac Vien, May Chai and Cau Tre Ward, Ngo Quyen District. H.E. Mr. Tran Luu Quang - Deputy Prime Minister, Head of Hai Phong Delegation of the National Assembly attended and announced the groundbreaking of the project.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh also attended the Ceremony.

On the Hai Phong side, there were attendance of: H.E. Mr. Le Tien Chau, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the City Party Committee; H.E. Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the City People's Committee; Mr. Do Manh Hien, Standing Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee; Mr. Pham Van Lap, Chairman of the City People's Council;  members of the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Hai Phong National Assembly Delegation and leaders of  relevant departments and agencies, Ngo Quyen and Hong Bang District.

The project, invested by Thai - Holding Joint Stock Company, will contribute to specializing the city's goal on social housing by 2030. The project aims at building new houses for 3,500 households living in old dormitories in Ngo Quyen and Hong Bang districts, in which 3,200 households in Ngo Quyen district and 200 households in Hong Bang district. The project will contribute to thoroughly and synchronously solve the problem of degraded dormitories in the city. Located on Le Thanh Tong Street, in the city center area, residents here quickly and easily connect to other utility areas such as commercial centers, schools, hospitals and airport within a 5km radius.

According to the plan, the project covers an area of nearly 17 hectares with a total investment of nearly 5,000 billion VND including about 4,500 high-rise apartments and more than 160 low-rise commercial housing lots. Once completed and put into use, the project will provide thousands of new apartments, thus solving the urgent need for low-cost housing of the urban residents. This not only ensures social security but also contributes to the comprehensive socio-economic development of the city.


Chairman of the People’s Committee speaking at the Groundbreaking ceremony

Speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony, Chairman of the City People's Committee Nguyen Van Tung said that there are 205 old dormitories in the city, with nearly 8,100 households living in; in which there are 178 degraded and dangerous dormitories that need to be rebuilt. Faced with the above situation, the city has built new apartments under the form of BT (Build-Transfer) contract since 2016. Up to now, 7 new dormitories have been built with 2,654 apartments; 25 dangerous old dormitories have been demolished and 1,300 households have been relocated to new dormitories. More than 90 old dormitories are in the process of being demolishing to move households to new dormitories.


Overview of the Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Chairman also said that the construction form is no longer consistent with the new regulations, so Hai Phong has recently implemented the project to build social housing in combination with housing settlement for the households living in old dormitories. The project was approved by the City People's Council in April 2022. In which, the city will build 5 social housing areas at General Warehouse No.3 Lac Vien and in Le Chan, Kien An and Do Son districts with more than 8,000 apartments.

The Chairman affirmed that this is the project’s first social housing area being built on the largest scale with 10 apartment buildings and public works, serving about 4,500 households. The city also thanked the investor, departments, agencies and Ngo Quyen District for their great efforts in implementing the procedures of construction investment and site clearance. The Chairman also requested the investor and the contractor to highly mobilize their human and material resources to construct, complete and put into use some buildings by mid-2024. It is also important to pay special attention to the quality of works and ensure absolute technique, art and occupational safety.