General information for Trang Due Industrial Park


Name of Industrial Zone

(Vietnamese, English):

- Khu công nghiệp Tràng Duệ - Trang Due Industrial Park
2 Address: Le Loi Commune, An Dương District, Haiphong City, Việt Nam
3 Processes:- Phase 1: November 2007 - Phase 2: August 2014
4Priority:- Field of electronics, telecommunications, and information technology - Field of precision engineering - Field of materials, ...
5 Contact phone 022.535.150.99
6 Distance to the nearest seaport (km):
7 The main road system (how many meters, how many lanes)
8Internal traffic system (how many meters, how many lanes)
9 Power supply(110KV/22KV) Substation Capacity: 63MVA x 3
10 Water supply - Vien Cach Water Plant: 20.000 m3/ day and night - Trang Due Water Plant: 5000m3/ day and night ( are building)
11 Wastewater treatment plant 3000m3/ day and night
12Fire system

- A firefighting team of 31 people is established and fully trained. And a team of 19 full-time firefighters is fully trained according to regulations. - The Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department approve the design of the fire protection system of the industrial park including workshops, roads in the industrial park, fire fighting water towers.

13 Area available for rent (m2 or hectare) - Phase 1: 0ha - Phase 2: 39,52ha
14 Occupancy rate (%) (up to the present) - Phase 1: 100% - Phase 2: 82%
15 Rent cost Contact
16 Corporate income tax incentives
17 Import tax incentives
18 VAT preferences

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