Vietnam donates medical supplies to Russia to prevent COVID-19 epidemic

Under the authorization of the Prime Minister, on the afternoon of April 13, Deputy Foreign Minister To Anh Dung presented the COVID-19 anti-epidemic support goods of the Government and people of Vietnam to the Government and people of the Federation. Russia 150,000 masks antibacterial anti-drop shot produced by Vietnam.

Attending the ceremony were representatives of Government Office, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Russian Ambassador Ambassador K. Vnukov in Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister To Anh Dung shared that the COVID-19 epidemic is currently complicated worldwide, posing unprecedented challenges for all countries. Vietnam is always interested in monitoring and appreciating the timely and drastic measures that President V. Putin and the Russian Government are directing to implement to reverse the epidemic. As a comprehensive strategic partner, with the spirit of solidarity, the Government and people of Vietnam wish to devote part of their resources to the Government and people of Russia in the fight against COVID-19, Thank the Russian authorities for continuing to pay deep attention to the Vietnamese community currently living in Russia in the difficult situation of disease.

Deputy Minister To Anh Dung emphasized that in the current context, international cooperation and strengthening solidarity are important in order to work together to find effective measures to protect people's health and safety, contributing mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on the socio-economic life of each country. Vietnam is ready to coordinate, exchange experiences and join hands with Russia in its determination to soon reverse and control the epidemic, making a meaningful contribution when the two countries celebrate the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

Russian Ambassador Vnukov would like to express his deep thanks to the Government and people of Vietnam for their valuable assistance to the Government and people of Russia at this time, considering it a testament to the friendship and friendship. Vietnam-Russia traditional friendship system and partners. The Ambassador highly appreciated the professionalism and effective response measures of the Government of Vietnam in the fight against epidemics, which have been repeatedly recognized by the international community, and expressed hope with solidarity and Working together, countries will work together to overcome the pandemic and look forward to a good future.