AIMF’s Digital Summit

The AIMF’s Digital Summit hosted by Mdm. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris cum Head of the AIMF, took place successfully. Indeed, on November 02, 2021, Preparatory Congress occurred at the Wallonie Parliament at Brussels; on November 03 – 04, 2021, Ministerial Roundtable Meeting was organized at the same time with seminars relating to digital tech; participants at the meeting approved AIMF’s action plan on digital development; on November 05, 2021, the delegates participated in KIKK Festival (international festival on digital and creative culture).

The seminars focused on the topic “Build up a digital world together”, which consisted of: necessary facilities for digital transformation; investment and facilitation for digital transformation through policies; main factors to digital transformation; connection between cities and startup ecosystem of citizens’ data management and posted challenges from internationally digital tech platforms, within purposes strengthening policies’ transparencylocally, nationally, and internationally, boosting digital techs serving country’s development, creating ideas and jobs for inhabitants and keeping confidential and respect to personal data.

The action plan of the AIMF on digitals for 2022-2026 period got approval at the Meeting, for the purposes: judgment capacity and choice of local leaders in decision making (in terms of investment, jurisdiction, and partnership) related to digital techs and tech development; support to local governments skill development in terms of internal informative tech,development of digital transformation strategies; suggestion and maintenance of renovated ecosystem at localities; enhancement of issues consideration of local administrations with factors at national, regional and international levels.

The action plan also identified 10 actions until 2026, as below:

- The AIMF’s member cities have got incentives and supported in equipping digital tech transformation strategies grounded on democracy, society, and ecology;

- Officers, civil servants, and administrative staffs at localities would have been assisted with designed education programs, techs and digital tech skills;

- Cities’ Mayors and Leaders, sponsors, and international funds would have interacted sto mutual support and enhancement of ideas for innovation;

- Leaders of the AIMF’s member cities would have got legal measures to go with and to support innovative ideas on their national territories;

- Support to cities and localities’ digital tech transformation process, and information technology and digital strategies would have continuously innovated;

- Support to local authorities in implementing digital tech transformation, integrated management, digital usage and the competence upgradation of the city’s officers;

- Support to innovative ideas of individuals and groups;

- Support to local innovators through launching or calling projects;

- Cities’ cooperation capacity enhancement at national and international levels, regarding connection development, network security, personal dataprotection in terms of transportation, e-commerce at national, regional, and international management.

- Digital technology enhancement by feasible leverages identification for the AIMF’s member cities.