The cooperation between Hai Phong City and the Netherlands is on the path of brilliant development

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations on April 9, 1973, after 50 years of the building and nurturing, Vietnam-Netherlands relations have continuously developed in many fields, especially investment, trade, sustainable agriculture, and climate change response. Following the brilliant relationship of the two countries over the past 50 years, Hai Phong City is one of the localities of Vietnam establishing the relationships with Dutch partners such as Rotterdam City quite early due to the similarities in geographical characteristics. The two localities are both important port cities of each country. 

Since 2008, the City has organized 04 official delegations of city leaders to visit, survey, research, study, and exchange experiences in developing the marine economy, seaports and seaport-related services in Rotterdam City as well as the sea dike systems and seaport construction in the Netherlands. The Netherlands and Rotterdam City also organized more than 10 official delegations to visit and work, study the city's investment environment, as well as promote cooperation in the fields of shipbuilding, aviation, maritime, and logistics.

In addition to local-level cooperation, the universities in the city area also have cooperative activities such as:

Vietnam Maritime University had cooperative activities with Dutch enterprises in equipping the teaching tools and software to improve English proficiency and specialized software using skills for students of the Shipbuilding Faculty; cooperated with Dutch universities to implement projects on designing and manufacturing modern container ships and oil tankers for inland waterways. The students and interns are granted training scholarships, as well as, the lecturers attend the annual short training courses on seaport management and construction in the Netherlands. Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy participated in the training and consulting program to improve the lecturer capacity for 08 Vietnamese Medical Universities funded by the Dutch Government; took part in the collaborative project on enhancing bedside teaching to help the lecturers update clinical teaching methods, and improve scientific research methods for the lecturers, especially young ones....

Currently, Hai Phong has 16 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects from the Netherlands with a total investment capital of nearly 283 million USD, ranking the 10th position in FDI capital and the 9th position in the number of FDI projects in Hai Phong. Dutch FDI projects in Hai Phong are focusing mainly on the following areas: Shipbuilding, marine machinery and equipment, warehouse rental, cattle-feed production, and trade…

On the occasion of celebrating important milestones in establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries such as: the 45th anniversary (2018), and the 50th anniversary (2023), Hai Phong City coordinated with Dutch Embassy to organize the "Dutch Day" event in the city area with a series of activities such as: cycling, cultural exchanges, photo exhibitions.... demonstrate the important role of Hai Phong City in developing good relations with the Netherlands in general, with Dutch partners, enterprises, and citizens of the Netherlands living and working in Hai Phong in particular. This activity contributed to enhancing cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the two countries, as well as promoting the comprehensive partnership between Vietnam and the Netherlands to have a new level of development with many outstanding achievements.

Based on the good relationship between the two countries in general and between Hai Phong and Dutch partners in particular, in the coming time, Hai Phong City will continuously promote cooperation with the Netherlands, as follows:

  1. Strengthen cooperation with Dutch representative agencies, Vietnamese representative agencies in the Netherlands, and relevant agencies organizing the activities of business connection, investment, and trade promotion of Dutch enterprises to Hai Phong City.
  2. Look for partners, investment cooperation, and experience exchanges in planning and developing the system of international seaports and airports.
  3. Based on the available cooperation results of universities: Vietnam Maritime University, Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Hai Phong University in collaboration with Dutch universities will continuously associate more Dutch partners to cooperate in the activities of research, training, teacher and student exchange.
  4. Promote the activities of cultural exchange and people-to-people exchange between Dutch localities and Hai Phong City./.​
Jolie Nguyễn