The business delegation from Taiwan (China) paid a survey trip and worked in Hai Phong City

On the afternoon of September 08, Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA) hosted a meeting with a business delegation from Taiwan (China) on a survey trip to get to know information about the investment environment of Hai Phong city. Attending the meeting were leaders of relevant Departments, agencies, units doing business in industrial park (IP) infrastructure such as DEEP C IP, Nam Dinh Vu IP, Trang Due IP, Tien Thanh IP, etc.

Overview of the meeting scenery

Giving a speech at the meeting, Mr. Le Trung Kien, Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority introduced to the delegation the general information about Hai Phong, underlining advantages of traffic, potential of qualified skilled labor resource as well as the city’s incentive policies. Mr. Le Trung Kien affirmed that the city has paid high consideration to foreign enterprises’ contribution, in which has been Taiwanese investors (China), to the city’s development. As of August 31, 2022, there are 60 Taiwanese investment projects with a total capital of 1.46 billion USD in Hai Phong city.

At the meeting, IP infrastructure development companies like DEEP C, Nam Dinh Vu, Trang Due, Tien Thanh introduced about IP such as size, scale, infrastructure facilities, advantages, investment procedures, incentives to investors. Leaders of Taiwanese enterprises (China) that are operating and doing business in the city shared investment experiences in Hai Phong City.

Representative of Taiwanese enterprises (China) expressed gratitude to the city’s thoughtful and solemn reception as well as the city’s interest in Taiwanese enterprises that are operating and running business in the City. In addition, at the meeting, Taiwanese enterprises (China) raised questions regarding power supply in the IP, human resource, etc. for deeper understanding about Hai Phong city’s investment environment.

Mr. Le TrungKien, Head of HEZA gave a speech at the meeting

To wrap up the meeting, Mr. Le Trung Kien, reaffirmed that Hai Phong is a locality of numerous advantages for investment, just behind Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong city wishes to attract more investors from Taiwan (China) and is committed to constantly supporting investors to solve all difficulties during their investment process in Hai Phong city. Mr. Le Trung Kien also revealed that Hai Phong city plans to organize an investment promotion workshop in Taiwan (China) in the coming time and is looking forward to participation of Taiwan’s investors in the event./.

Do Bich Hue

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