Strengthening Hai Phong and South Korea cooperation

On the morning of March 17, 2023, at the Office of the City Party Committee, Mr. Le Tien Chau, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the City Party Committee welcomed and worked with the delegation of the Korean Embassy in Vietnam led by Ambassador Oh Youngju. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Hoang Minh Cuong, Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee, leaders of relevant departments and agencies.

Secretary of the City Party Committee sincerely thanked the Ambassador for the congratulation letter on his new position as Secretary of Hai Phong City Party Committee. hHe also expressed his delight at Vietnam-South Korea relation development in such areas as politics, economy, culture, and education.

At the meeting, Ambassador Oh Youngju expressed her gratitude for the warm and respectful welcome of Hai Phong City’s leaders. She affirmed the deep and long-standing cooperative relationship between Vietnam and South Korea with numerous positive achievements in all fields. In particular, Hai Phong City is among the investment priorities of various success of Korean enterprises, notably the projects of LG Group. She also emphasized that the cooperation relationship between Vietnam and South Korea in general, as well as Hai Phong and South Korea, is not only for the economic benefits but also demonstrates the comprehensive achievements in the fields of culture and society based on a close relationship and faith of the two countries’ people.


Mr. Le Tien Chau, Secretary of Hai Phong City Party Committee welcomed and worked with Ms. Oh Youngju, Korean Ambassador to Vietnam

Ambassador Oh Youngju also proposed measures to develop cooperation between Hai Phong City and Korean partners: economic cooperation strengthening between the two sides,  construction of Korean commercial infrastructure projects in Hai Phong (Logistics project at Nam Dinh Vu Port of Jeil Vietnam Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. and Hai Phong industrial park project of MDA E&C company), Korean language teaching, exchange activities between the two localities, establishment of an international school in Hai Phong and labor cooperation enhancement.


The scene of the meeting

Secretary of the City Party Committee Le Tien Chau showed his gratitude towards the Ambassador and the delegation for their deep concern and responsibility for Hai Phong Cit. He also affirmed the Korean investors’ projects’ significant contribution to the development of Hai Phong.  He strongly supported the cooperation proposal mentioned by the Ambassador and committed that Hai Phong City is always a friend and a supporter of Korean investors in which the success of Korean enterprises is also the success of Hai Phong City.