Seminar on “Economic outlook in 2022 and green financa policy”

On February 18, 2022 afternoon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Standard Chartered Bank co-hosted the Seminar on “Economic outlook in 2022 and Green finance policy” with participation of representatives from 150 localities, academies, enterprises, foreign embassies and international organizations in Vietnam. The Seminar was organized both offline and online, Hai Phong Department of Foreign Affairs assigned officials to attend the Seminar.

The Seminar at Hanoi connecting point. Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs

Gave a speech for opening the Seminar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. To Anh Dung paid a high consideration to the Standard Chartered cooperation in co-hosting the event, to inform global and Vietnam’s economic outlook of 2022 launched by the Standard Chartered, with an emphasis on significant contribution of researches, consultancy, and dialogue on economic policies to countries in general and to Vietnam in particular, in the context of worldwide attempts to recover from the pandemic COVID-19 and countries’ policy-decision-making outputs to get back new normal and to develop.

Delegates gave speeches and presentations at the Seminar.

Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs

To continue, Mr. Benjamin Hung, CEO of the Standard Chartered in charge of Asian Region, shared his high consideration and applauded Vietnam’s achievements during recent years, particularly during the global pandemic COVID-19 period with severe impacts. In fact, Mr. Benjamin Hung noticed his impression on increasing growth of Asian countries including Vietnam, and their excellent performance in economy and investment attraction, Vietnam’s strong commitment at the COP26 in Glasgow (the UK) on net CO2 target by 2050, and affirmed the Standard Chartered Bank’s continuing support to Vietnam in investment attraction and realization of that target. Mr. Benjamin Hung also shared the Standard Chartered Bank is proud to have worked with Vietnam and have been an adviser to Vietnam’s Government since 2012, when observing Vietnam’s fruitful results in all sectors. Besides, Mr. Benjamin Hung mentioned, challenges have been obvious to all countries on the way of their development, notably when countries have faced finance gaps in their policies realization, including SDGs-related policies deployment, and the Standard Chartered Bank’s commitment in supporting countries, including Vietnam, in achieving sustainable growth. To close up his welcome speech, Mr. Benjamin Hung affirmed the Standard Chartered Bank’s engagement in their continuing investment in Vietnam to support the country’s sustainable development and prosperity.

The experts shared viewpoints on the rebound of the global and Vietnam’s economy. Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs

At the Seminar, the Standard Chartered Bank’s experts shared perspectives on the global and Vietnam’s economic outlook in the year of 2022, topic on green finance, suggestions on policy and measures to Vietnam to catch up opportunities and to handle challenges brought by the global current trends. Indeed, according to Mr. Edward Lee, Senior Economic expert in charge of ASEAN and Southern Asia (the Standard Chartered), global economic growth would be expectedly 4% in 2022, thanks to vaccination acceleration across countries and countries’ economic stimulation packages. Meanwhile, challenges born by collapse in global supply chains and increasing inflation may impact global economic recovery in the year of 2022, said Mr. Edward Lee. Followed Mr. Edward Lee’s presentation, Mr. Tim Leelahaphan, economic expert in charge of Vietnam and Thailand (the Standard Chartered), identified that, Vietnam’s economy would get rebounded with an estimated rate of 6.7% in this year (2022) and would probably reach to 7% in 2023. Also, Mr. Tim Leelahaphan has observed that Vietnam is an important knot in the global supply chain and an attractive destination to foreign investors.

Participation of economic experts and enterprises’ representatives at the dialogue section of the Seminar. Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs

To continue with dialogue with stakeholders, coordinated by Dr. Can Van Luc, Senior economic expert (Vietnam Investment and Development Bank), member of the National Finance-Currency Policy Consultancy Council, enterprises’ representatives and economic experts shared their viewpoints on green finance as a trend in upcoming time and tightened partnership between public sector, private sector, finance institutes, and non-beneficial organizations in deploying sustainable development targets and priorities. Among the latter, priorities for renewable energy generation, efficient energy use, measures for environment protection, biodiversity, etc. would be key on table to countries in their international cooperation activities deployment. /.


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