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According to the National Sports for All Survey, the number of people not participating in regular sports activities (at least one 30-minute exercise session per week) jumped from 25.9% in 2019 to 29.5% in 2020. In other words, people are not only socially distancing from other people, but they are also socially distancing from exercising. Fortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, some people are starting to recognize the importance of exercising regularly to boost their immune system. To help its citizens exercise safely and stay healthy, Incheon is offering a number of different sports activities.

#Untact sports programs

COVID-19 has ushered in the era of “home training.” Spending more time at home has led to more interest in workouts people can do at home. On May 2, Incheon launched a home training program called “Fresh GYM” via its official website. Fresh GYM offers video lessons by professional sports for all instructors, and the City is planning to provide information on sporting facilities across Incheon with a new “My Neighborhood Sporting Facilities” feature. Also, Incheon is planning on dividing its ZOOM “Live Sports Classes” led by sports for all instructors at each Gun/Gu district into different sport types.

#CustomFit workout programs

If you are curious about your fitness, and you want to learn what exercise best suits you, try using the “Fitness Verification Center.” The Fitness Verification Center is an accredited verification body designated by the Korean government that provides customized exercise prescriptions and fitness programs tailored to different fitness levels. Anyone over the age of 11 can use the Center for free. The Center provides an organized way of managing your fitness with exercise prescriptions based on data, such as body composition analyses and physical fitness measurements. Currently, Incheon operates three Fitness Verification Centers - the Dong-gu Fitness Verification Center, Michuhol-gu Fitness Verification Center, and Yeonsu-gu Fitness Verification Center. These Centers are open to all Incheon citizens free of charge.

Identifying and supporting sports-friendly corporations tailored to #Incheon

Incheon plans to identify and support sports-friendly companies to promote a sports-friendly culture in the workplace and help boost employee health. In the second half of this year, the City plans to offer various incentives via competitions open to companies that support sporting activities aimed at keeping employees healthy. Incheon will support sporting club activities at companies identified as being “sports-friendly” and supply the sporting goods their employees need. Also, Incheon will offer incentives such as lower interest rates on loans, business consulting services, technical support, and advantages when seeking overseas expansion for these sports-friendly companies. Not only that, Incheon will help companies secure more clients with a dedicated event for sports-friendly companies with the Incheon e-EUM Card initiative.

Supporting sports #leagues and sports for all competitions

Although COVID-19 remains a real concern, Incheon is planning to continue its support for sports for all competitions, given that health and safety measures can be enforced effectively. From April 1 to 10, Incheon successfully hosted the 2021 Incheon Baseball and Softball Association President’s Cup Baseball Tournament without incident, and on April 2, it hosted the women’s doubles competition for the 2021 Incheon Tennis Association President’s Cup Individual Tennis Competition at the Yeolwumul Tennis Stadium. Incheon will continue to host various sports for all competitions to help keep its citizens healthy moving forward. However, given that the COVID-19 pandemic can threaten the health and safety of its citizens, Incheon will cooperate with quarantine authorities and other related organizations, and establish thorough health and safety measures when hosting each sporting event.

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