Voluntary Blood Donation Festival Day

Responding to the message of the National Steering Board for Mobilization of Voluntary Blood Donation and promote the national tradition, a large number of cadres, cadres, public employees, sectors, branches and organizations took part in the voluntary blood donation festival day 2020 at the city convention center. Vice Chairman of Haiphong People’s Committee Le Khac Nam – head of the Steering Board for Voluntary Blood Donation Mobilization attended and encouraged the blood donors.

Nearly 1,000 cadres, workers and public employees from sectors, branches joined in the launching ceremony with the desire to brighten up the belief for the child patients who are getting treatment in hospitals, giving them and their families more strength and confidence to fight the disease. As planned, the festival will collect some 1,000 blood units. “The voluntary blood donation festival day” has greater meaning when conveying the message “Blood donation from the managers” and “One blood drop given – One more life saved”. This activity has spreading meaning to the entire society./.

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