Strengthening disease prevention and control in the new situation

On July 30th afternoon, Mr. Le Van Thanh – Member of Party Central Committee, Haiphong Party Secretary, Chairman of Haiphong People’s Council presided over the conference to hear reports on solutions to strengthen the disease prevention and control in the new situation.

Haiphong has so far not recorded any cases of COVID-19. 449 suspected cases have given results negative to COVID-19, 608 others are gathered at the concentrated isolation areas while more than 3,200 people are quarantined.

At the conference, opinions stated that the ongoing pandemic is more complicated than ever before as it is easy to be transmitted and outbroken in the community. Opinions agreed to kick off the city’s steering committee and at districts as well. Especially, dissemination needs to be reinforced on the mass media to higher raise the sense of vigilance and activeness in coping with the pandemic, minimize the crowed conferences and gatherings; encourage the people to wear face masks at public places, strictly control the traveling of city dwellers, review the transport vehicles from the disease areas, well prepared medical facilities for quarantine, testing, and treatment.

In his concluding remarks, Secretary of Haiphong Party Committee Le Van Thanh agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic is complicatedly developing in the country and the world with an increasing number of infected cases in the community over the previous days. Haiphong with the position of an important transport joint and a huge number of foreign laborers and experts is asking for higher prevention and control of the pandemic.

With the viewpoint “Preventing the disease as the enemy”, city secretary called for the hand giving of all political system, sectors, branches, and people to prevent the penetration of the disease into the city, well implement the disease prevention and control measures in the new situation, continuing to implement the socio-economic development solutions.