Singer Simona De Rosa (Italian artist) performing in Hai Phong

Following the success of cultural exchange programs and art performances organized by Italian artists in the city, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, on the evening of May 16, 2023, at the city’s Opera House, Hai Phong City People's Committee in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Vietnam organized a Jazz Musical Program by Singer Simona De Rosa.

Simona De Rosa is a famous and highly regarded singer, composer, music instructor, and innovator for her exquisite musical sensibility, perceptual ability, and wonderful expressive vocals. She also regularly organizes seminars on improvisation in music and vocals in the US, Italy, and Asia. Simona was awarded a certificate of merit by the Mayor of New York City for "the spirit of popularizing Italian musical culture", as an ambassador of Neapolitan music by the Campani Federation in New York.

In the musical program, Simona de Rosa and her band including the famous Polish Jazz Composer, Pianist - Michal Ciesielski, Drummist Le Viet Hung, and Bassist Nguyen The Vinh showed Hai Phong audience the classical performances, as well as the contemporary Jazz harmony performances such as Vacanze romane, Vuelvo al sur, Serenata e Pullecenella… Quan Ho folk song "Floating water-ferns and wandering clouds” was spontaneously performed by her in harmony with music lovers of the port city. The performances with the interaction and harmony between the singer, the band, and the audience created a music night full of emotions.