Propagating and guiding people to install the "Hai Phong Smart" application for sending feedback and recommendations on problems in society

With the desire to improve quality, increase people's satisfaction, and promote the responsibility of state agencies in receiving and handling people's petitions, Department of Information and Communications has just issued a document proposing departments, branches, and districts to instruct officials and public employees to install the "Hai Phong Smart” application as well as propagate the city people to install the application on smart phones for sending feedback and recommendations to state agencies through the Field Reflection Information System.

This is a system for receiving and processing people's feedback, helping to enhance interaction between people and state agencies; improving supervision activities of people, organizations, and businesses. Department of Information and Communications proposed departments, agencies, and districts assign officials for receiving information and opinions from the city people and resolving their petitions through the "Hai Phong Smart” application in the digital environment.

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