Nowadays, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a strange concept in Viet Nam. The concept of CSR began prior to the Second World War, then widely developed in the 60s of the last century. Until now, CSR has become one of the important standards to evaluate businesses, because it is the commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to the economic development and sustainable environment for the local community in particular and society in general. CSR has been integrated into the business strategy and become a compulsory condition for a business’s existence and development in order to bring practical values and benefits to society.

As an FDI enterprise - an enterprise with foreign direct investment, together with manufature and business activities, it is LG Display’s missionto spread Korean culture’s good values, the preeminent technology and the positive values ​​of such a beautiful vision to Vietnamese community, especially the people of Hai Phong. In 2016, LG Group (Korea) officially started construction of LG Display Viet Nam Hai Phong Company (LG Display), specializing in high-tech OLED production for electronic devices with total investment of 2.5 billion USD. In 2021, the company raised up 750 million USDof capital, bringing the total investment capital to 3.25 billion USD and becoming the largest FDI project in the city.

During 5 years of development, LG Display has been remaining its special manner of social activities. 5 years of the company’s development are equivalent to the time thatLG Display’s CSRhas been growing and reaching out to affirm the value and reputation of a global business.

During the time, more than 50 volunteer programs at small and large scale have been organized with the participation of nearly 5000 volunteers who are the company’s officers and employees, with financial sponsorship up to 5 billion VND.It may not be a big number butrepresents thevaluable sentiment of the company’s leaders and employees.

Mr. Ta Duy Khanh – Head of External Relations Division said: “LG Display set upits volunteering plans by year, quarter and month in which we try to concretize the objects, build expected fund and plans, get consultation from government agencies to choose events for cooperation. Over the years, LG Display has cooperated with government agencies such as Hai Phong Youth Union, Hai Phong Department of Foreign Affairs, Hai Phong Department of Health ... and NGOs such as World Vision, Copion ... to bring meaningful community activities to people in difficult circumstances, the weak, poor children, people with meritorious services to the revolution”.

CSR activities are regularly organized with good quality, focusing on the following outstanding activities:

- Eye care and treatment programs: Being as an OLED screen manufacturing company with high technical standards, globalproducts, LG Display is particularly interested in eye problems. The company has cooperated with NGOs to organize free medical examination and eye surgery for the elderly and disadvantaged. In 2017, a group of Vietnamese and Korean volunteers conducted aproject in Cat Hai island district withtotal costup to 1 billion VND. Moreover, the "Bright eyes, bright future" project on school eye care also drew special attention from schools in Hai Phong.

- School repairing and funding programs: Poor students with academic excellence or poor schools are also on the list of objects that LG Display's CSR volunteer programs aim at. In 2017, LG Display sponsored “Digital Library” – A Computer Room for Hai Phong Polytechnic College. In 2018, the company sponsored forHo Phong Hong Phong Primary School of An Duong district to repair its toilet. In 2019, LG Display continued to coordinate with Hai Phong Department of Foreign Affairs and COPION to repair Quoc Tuan Primary School, An Duong District with total cost of 600 million VND.

"Light up tomorrow" program at Hong Phong Primary School,

Repairing Quoc Tuan Primary School, An Duong District

- Gift giving program for disadvantaged people; gift givingon the occasion of important holiday such as Tet, Viet Nam's War Invalids and Martyrs Day, Mid-Autumn Festival; and experiential activities for students.

“Zero VND Stall” for families with difficult circumstances

Gifts giving to people in difficult circumstances on Tet holiday

- Environment protection programs: Planting trees, cleaning up, removing unwanted ads...

Environment protection program

- Humanitarian blood donation program: Organized twice a year, contributing a large volume of blood to the city's blood bank.

Humanitarian blood donation by company employees

- Big sponsorship and relief programs: Relieving people in Central Viet Nam suffering from the historic flood in 2020 with more than 2 billion VND; cooperating with LG Group to supportmedical suppliers equivalent to 5 billion VND for Hai Phong city to fight against Covid-19 .

Mr. Lee Keun Haeng - Administrative Director, represents for LG Display Viet Nam Company in Hai Phong presented 10,000 medical masks

for Department of Police

Looking back at the company's activities during the time, especially the challenging 2020 due to Covid-19 epidemic, it can be seen that the value of a company lies not only in the business numbers but also in its commitments through each action program which brings sustainable values to the community. LG Display Viet Nam Hai Phong Company has been doing this well with its own corporate culture, thus creating a sustainable environment for the company’s existence and making a significant contribution to the stability and development of the city.

Hai Phong city highly appreciates the implementation of social responsibility of businesses in general, and LG Display Viet Nam Hai Phong Company in particular. Hopefully in the coming time, in the spirit of overcoming the difficulties caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the LG Dispay’s CSR programs will still be focused and invested to help as many unfortunate lives as possible, contributing to improving city’s social security.