Haiphong logistics adapts to 4.0 industrial revolution

Over the past time, many Haiphong logistic firms has well prepared in infrastructure, effectively applied science and technology in production and business to be able to join the global economic chain.

Dinh Vu MVG limited company is one of the enterprises having good investment of technology in management and operation when they deployed the MVG Dinh Vu warehouse project meeting international standards. Established since 2014, MVG has focused on empty container ground business. To meet the requirements of chemical logistic services in Vietnam, MVG has built a chemical warehouse at Dinh Vu industrial park and put it into use in October this year. Chemical warehouse No.01, which covers 5,400 square meters is the largest of its kind in Vietnam and one of the two projects of modern chemical warehouses meeting highest standards for fire and explosion safety on the total area of 30,000 square meters of the chemical industrial planning of Dinh Vu industrial park.

All products at the warehouse is labeled with Barcode. The entire warehouse is covered by wifi network to help management unit grasp the changes of cargoes. . this is a special feature of MVG warehouse that not many warehouses in Vietnam can have such a good investment. To reduce investment expense, optimize production and business, they have self studied new technologies in stead of buying technologies from abroad to reduce costs. With automatic fire alarming network and many modern equipment and devices being installed, all this warehouse can operate safely and stably. The investment in this chemical warehouse is an important move to support the more effective management and operation of the warehouse, become a vender of foreign enterprises when they do business in Vietnam.

- Mr. Dinh Hoang Viet - Vice Director of Dinh Vu MVG limited company

Focusing on modernizing seaport network, logistic service is one of the main poles of Haiphong economy to help build and develop Haiphong to become a center for seaport, logistic services of the nation and the world. With good location, Haiphong is one of the economic and logistic service hubs of the north and Vietnam and an attractive destination of investors. The city is robustly investing in infrastructure, including urban and traffic infrastructure. The trend of welcoming digital technology is being applied widely in seaport and logistic firms, this helps Haiphong logistics develop sustainably in the common development trend in the world./.

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