Hai Phong City Develops Logistics And Seaport Services

To “build and develop Hai Phong City into a national logistics service center” by 2025 and for the city to “become a modern international logistics service center by road, airway, highway, and express train” by 2030, the city has put tremendous efforts into strengthening investment attraction, trade promotion, form specialized logistics service chains with high added costs and regional links, contributing to economic development towards greening and sustainability.

In 2023, the city's traditional and advantageous service industries like seaport and logistics have developed much in strength. This year, the city continues to accelerate the progress of the investment project to build container terminals No. 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the Hai Phong International Gateway Port, simultaneously promoting investment attraction to build a national logistics zone and the next wharves. In particular, the Xuan Cau Free Trade Zone project, which started construction in May this year, is considered a crucial boost for the development of seaport and logistics services.

Besides the achieved results, Hai Phong logistics activities still have limitations as the majority of goods output through the Hai Phong port system is transported via road, and the transport of goods by railway and inland waterway remains modest. Many businesses are now providing stable, sustainable, environmentally and socially friendly logistics solutions to exploit the advantages of convenient traffic connections both by waterway and road.

Seaport infrastructure has undergone upgrades and investment, built in a synchronous and modern manner, following regional and international shipping development trends. The improved and more synchronized transportation system has promoted its role as a deep-water port, an international and regional transit gateway port. The city is accelerating the completion of construction investment procedures and starting construction of the next wharves, contributing to turning Hai Phong into a large and modern economic and service center, an economic key of the country. /.