Development of Hi-tech agriculture production

Over the past years, Haiphong has gained breakthrough development in the socio-economic area with focus on farming production applying hi-end technologies attached to effectively exploiting the natural resources and economic structure shift. Units and localities in the city area have beefed application of advanced science and technology to increase product value and raise income for farmers.

Clean farming production has been attached to tracing cargoes’ origin in the city area. Haiphong’s area and productivity have been expanded. At present, the city has formulated and developed supply chains of safe farm products and food; opened cooperatives, farms and house farms raising cattle and poultry, large-scale cultivation; associated production and consumption in chains with enterprises. The value of clean farm products and association of production and consumption makes up 80% of the production value of the agriculture sector in the city area, many of which have products consumed in BigC, Coopmart, Vinmart…Boosting the clean farming production, association of product consumption with origin trace in agriculture production has created the supply chains of safe food, contributing to raising the awareness, role and responsibility of producers and traders; ensuring the demand and supply circulation and origin tracing of food./.

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