Consumers use more natural products

Consumers are tending to choose more natural products. Thus, to meet their demands, besides being good for consumers' health, these products must have a clear origin and natural components.

Coconut fiber is often thrown away. However, now it is used to be soil for wheatgrass to produce wheat tea. From a tray of treated coconut fibers, planters can create green wheat sprouts. All are made naturally. Clean wheat can be harvested after 8 to 12 days. Then they are squeezed and cold dried with fruits and eatable flowers. Fruits and flowers are processed in 18-25 degrees celsius in at least 50 hours, combining with the wheatgrass powder to create a daily drink which is both tasty and good for health.

Ms. Pham Kim Tam -, Dong Thai commune, An Duong district: Being a healthy drink, wheat tea is widely preferred in Asia, particularly when natural products are the top choice of consumers. Knowing the origin of products well, consumers can feel more secure to see the production process with their own eyes.

Customers are asking more for food. Some pay special attention to components of products, others choose a product basing on its popularity. First of all, they care about products which are good for health. This will usher into more opportunities for natural food and drink producers./.