Celeberate the 67th anniversary of Vietnamese Doctors’ Day (27/2/1955-27/2/2022)

(Haiphong.gov.vn) – On February 25 morning, at Viet – Czech Friendship Hospital, Mr. Le Khac Nam, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee, Director of Health Department chaired a conference on 2022 Working Program and celebrated 67th anniversary of Vietnamese Doctors’ Day (27/2/1955-27/2/2022), which was attended by Mr. Tran Anh Cuong, Vice Chairman of the City Vietnam Fatherland Committee; Mrs. Pham Thu Xanh, Leader of Quick Response Team to COVID-19 and representatives of relevant Departments, agencies, and units.

Mr. Phan Huy Thuc, Standing Deputy Director of Health Department gave speech at the meeting.

Giving opening remark, Mr. Phan Huy Thuc, Standing Deputy Director of Health Department reviewed the health sector’s tradition and Uncle Ho’s letter to healthcare officers and staffs in 1955, emphasizing this as the opportunity to express the respect and gratitude to precedent doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. He also affirmed the need to facilitte the continuous attempt to keep up the glorious tradition and achievements, building a stronger health sector up to the City and public expectation.

Against the COVID-19’s complex development, the Health Department had proved its leading role in quick response to the pandemic, collaborating with localities and agencies to implement the biggest ever vaccination of 4.1 million doses in the city, among the 8 provinces to finish 02 basic injections and booster dose for all adults and teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old, greatly reduce the pandemic’s severity.

Prime Minister offered Emulation Flags to Hai Phong Department of Health and Children Hospital

Passing through, Despite numerous difficulties and challenges throughout 67 years of development, the City’s Health sector had shown its comprehensive growth with remarkable achievements, well recognized by the Party, State, Ministry of Health, the City Party Committee, the City People’s Council, the City People’s Committee.

Individuals were entitled Excellent Doctor by the State President.

On this occasion, the State President offered the title of Excellent Doctor to 11 individuals of Hai Phong City’s Health sector. The Prime Minister offered awards to the Department’s individuals and collectives as follows: Emulation Flags to Hai Phong Department of Health and Children Hospital for their excellent accomplishment of duties and first rank in Hai Phong City’s 2020 patriotic emulation movement; Certificate of Merit to 02 collectives and 03 individuals with outstanding achievements in duty performance and the country’s socialism building and defense; Certificate of Merit to Hai Phong Department of Health for notable contribution to the successful election of deputies of the 15th National Assembly and all-leveled People’s Council in 2021-2026 tenure. Besides, Chairman of the City People’s Committee offered Certificate of Merit to individuals participating in the pandemic prevention and control in Bac Giang Province (18), Ho Chi Minh City (233), and Tay Ninh Province (50).

Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Le Khac Nam gave speech at the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Le Khac Nam highly valued the determination and significant contribution of Hai Phong’s medical staffs and students to the city’s 2021 socio-economic development in spite of COVID-19’s. He voiced the city’s request that the Department keep up due attention to medical infrastructure upgradation (construction project of 07-storey block at Kien An hospital, CDC’s new headquarter) and the rights of medical staffs who directly participate in the pandemic combat; accelerating vaccination to finish booster doses for all residents in this quarter; well implementing duties of population work, drug addiction treatment and HVI/AIDS; raising medical staffs’ awareness and capacity up to the public demand as well as the healthcare sector’s traditional conscientiousness and sacrifice.

Hong Nhung – Dam Thanh

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